ÜBERDIENACHT is a collection of textiles, where the design process is inspired by dreaming and sleeping.


The concept is based on various layers of intuition that deal with the topic ‘Sleep and Dream’, whereby research and sources from literature to visual
and tactile inspirations interconnect. The engagement with people through conversations about their sleeping experiences and stories of dreams build a
fundamental part of resource as well. 


The research was set to gain new impulses for the design of surfaces to eventually develop them into a collection.
Through experiments, characterized by trial and error, a series of design proposals evolved that are mainly based on elementary shapes such as
dots, squares and nuanced stripes. The appearance of this seemingly ordinary shapes are enriched through superposition, thereby creating a
diffuse and dreamy impression. The colour scheme involves four shades: sun yellow, dark blue, mint green and pink. Soft and light materials, like silk
juxtapose heavy materials, such as wool and were combined to complement each other and form a harmonic blend. Considered as a whole as well as
individual pieces the aim is to convey emotions connected to phantasy. The observer is enabled to generate own connotations and feelings and
to process them inside his or her mind; turning the fabric into a medium of communication. 



 woven textiles, hand spun wool, silk screen printing on silk, embroidery on mulberry silk, bachelor project 2017