As part of the MOOSAROS project, the attempt was to develop a printing paste made of moss that grows on a textile and as a result, can be

used as a shower curtain in the bathroom. For this purpose, tests with various ingredients were made in order to guarantee and support growth. 


When showering, the moss can be kept moist and thus alive. This  gives fresh, filtered, pollutant-free and oxygen-rich air to the user in return.

Due to its positive and uncomplicated properties, moss is a plant that could meet the requirements of a healthy living space. 


MOOSAROS represents an extended form of home based vegetation by combining the moss with a carrier material made of tulle and thus placing it at

the intersection of a textile. The project as a whole comprises delicate tulle and flat moss as a design concept. Comprehensive research on topics such as living,

visions of the future and the development of smart textiles build the basis for it. 


 semester project 2019



Jan 2019
award recipient of house of textile competition


Jan 2019


exhibition at HEIMTEXTIL-fair


Jan 2019  

Publication Textile Vision, home textile association


Jan 2019




Sponsoring Tulle: swisstulle AG