ZEHNMALFÜNFZEHN is a "textile photo album" of an inspirational travel through Peru. With different cameras I captured almost all the impressive
experiences: Patterns, encounters, colour combinations, flora & fauna. Using the technique of lavender printing, selected photographs were
transferred onto fabric. The appearance changes as a result, it becomes paler. Just like my memory of the situations I experienced.


Individual, particularly exciting elements in the photographs have been partially emphasised by hand embroidery.
This free interpretation of what I experienced allows to re-examine Peruvian culture and is intended to give the observers room
for their own interpretations.


2017-2018 // Team members of the artist group BUNTESGOLD: Heda Bayer | Fabienne Vogel | Swantje Masermann | Luise Stark



Since 2023 

Galerie Hängengeblieben, 



BUNTESGOLD- Peru aus der Sicht 

zeitgenössischer Textilkünstlerinnen


Jun - Oct 2019 
Galerie Schloss Lichtenwalde


Nov - Dec 2018 
Weisbachsches Haus Plauen


Jun - Oct 2018 

Sommerschloss Ostrov (CZE)


Nov 2017 - Jan 2018 

Reglerkirche Erfurt