Continuing research on the impact of the digitalization in textile design



The digitalization of society is an omnipresent phenomenon with various effects on different levels. In this context, it is also evident that the way

we interact with textiles is changing. However, the increase of flat user interfaces triggers an urge for (visually) haptic and tangible experiences,

as well as the need for individuality. The investigation of this topic at large from various angles informs this long-term project. 



2022 - 2023 // Graduate Scholarship Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle 

Mentoring: Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann | Joachim Unterfrauner


The project Zweikommafünf, as part of the graduate scholarship at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle,

deals with three fundamental questions: 



 ⤷ How three-dimensionally can I work with a "flat technique”, precicsely screen printing? 


 ⤷ How can I develop haptic surfaces through screen printing? 


⤷ How can I use contemporary technologies and their basic functionality to rethink their purpose


     for manual, experimental processes? 



I investigated the diverse possibilities of screen printing both on an experimental and artistic level. I extended the limits of the existing technique through own material and process studies in order to develop partially new methods. The main materials are silk and foam paint. Through their usage I achieved the most three-dimensional results possible by applying targeted heat. 


The result is a 56-part material archive that documents the processes and interrelationships. Here, the potential lies in the work process itself, since many ideas and possibilities came into being during the trial & error process. Through the combination of the detailed project planning together with my practiced skills of dealing with experimental procedures, I was able to transform the conscious handling of "provoked coincidences" into a tool and design medium. 


In addition, selected outcomes of the material research were realized in large formats in a spatial installation that allows viewers a truly hands-on experience in the room. In this way, the results of the content-related examination can be communicated on a practical, tangible level and the haptic textiles are actually becoming accessible. 



Zweikommafünf describes the in-between state of the second and third dimension. During the printing process, the textiles are laid flat and change through the application of heat, where the tension of the surface forms the three-dimensional shapes.
If one looks at the textile as a whole from a distance, however, the characteristically even appearance of a fabric panel comes to the fore again. 

Process documentation:

Nov 2023 - Jan 2024 

g r a d u i e r t ≈ p r ä s e n t i e r t

Burg Galerie im Volkspark

Exhibitors: Thomas Brück | Pia vom Ende
Felicitas Faessler |Magdalena Sophie Orland
Miriam Reihl | Heike Rinde |Lea Rohde
Jorge Sánchez Di Bello | Jakob Schreiter 


Curation: Dr. Jule Reuter

Curatorial assistance: Leona Blum


Graphics: Arne Winter