experimental material-research | contemporary lace


master project 2019 Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle


The experimental material-research is based on a theoretical analysis of the ongoing digitisation of our society and how it impacts upon our handling
of textiles. This was probed by using lace as an exemplary case study through this a contemporary re-interpretation of the material could be developed.


mentoring: Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann | Prof. Susanne Ostwald | Dr. Andrea Kluge



The practical master project is based on a theoretical examination of the progressive digitization of society. Their consequence in relation to the handling of textiles, as well as their development, were studied in detail. The emerging need for haptic experience and individuality has been particularly highlighted. In order to connect the scientific research with the changing textile design, the topic was mirrored on the example of lace and thus metaphorically transferred to a textile medium. Through its self-contained filled and empty spaces | Materiality and immateriality | Analog and Digital the material is a textile prime example of the actual state of digitized yet analogue society. 


In order to convert the concept of traditional lace into the here and now, the master thesis presents the need to develop a contemporary understanding of lace. This required an extension of the traditional rules of definition. Existing gaps in literature have been filled by those examinations and similtaniously the concept of lace has been enhanced and its significance has been strengthened.


An experimental material investigation, in which the defined limits were also tested for practicality, led to a contemporary expression of the material. Classic textile manufacturing processes have been expanded by the development of new constructional techniques. Temperature and pressure played a major role here. In connection with novel materials whose properties were additionally linked together, a textile hybrid form was created. 



The experiment gains in its strength and expressiveness through the conceptual framework of the project and is groundbreaking for the future of design.






Feb 2021
Nomination Sächsischer Staatspreis für Design

Sep 2020

Nomination German Design Award Newcomer

May 2020

Förderpreis der Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung


Mar 2020

Nomination TALENTE Preis 2020


Nov 2019
Special Mention:
Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award


Oct 2019
Giebichenstein Design Preis 






May-Nov 2020

Nouveautés – Kunstschule und Spitzenindustrie in Plauen
Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden Schloss Pillnitz


Mar 2020
Internationale Handwerksmesse München, Sonderschau

Jan 2020


IMM Cologne

Oct. 2019
Dutch Design Week


Oct 2019

Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt